NRG Athletes Recognized by Nic Curry at Winnipeg Legislative Building


NRG Athletes Recognized by Nic Curry at Winnipeg Legislative Building

We would like to share that NRG Athletes was recently recognized by Nic Curry at the Winnipeg Legislative building for being an outstanding contributor to the surrounding communities. Please take a moment to read what Nic Curry had to say about us!

“Scott Miller and his team at NRG Athletes Fitness Therapy can be found in the heart of Garden City on the second floor of the Seven Oaks Sportsplex in a state-of-the-art, 6,000 square foot, high-performance wellness, fitness and rehabilitation center.

NRG athletes established in 2007 to provide quality physiotherapy, athletic therapy, massage therapy services, as well as high-performance strength training for a variety of sports and athletes.

The team at NRG is committed to enriching the  health and wellness of the community of Kildonan, regardless of age or ability. In 2017, NRG  partnered with the Seven Oaks School Division to provide on-site medical coverage for all high school athletic teams, as well as providing fitness boot camps for staff of the division, and is a  major provider of athletic therapy, physiotherapy and massage therapy for the staff of Seven Oaks.

NRG staff strive to help any person reach their  personal fitness goals as well as share their knowledge on injury rehabilitation and preventative measures.

Most importantly for some of us, one of the many success stories and a local celebrity, Cody Glass, was selected sixth overall in the 2017 NHL draft for the Vegas Golden Knights: their first pick ever as an NHL team. He developed his skills on and off the ice at NRG for over three years and is one of hundreds of young athletes who increased their potential with the help of Scott Miller and his team at NRG.

We have seen great developments in recreational facilities at Garden City area, and the team at NRG have built a reputation of excellence in service for members of our community across Manitoba–develop a high standard of fitness and wellness.

Congratulations to Scott Miller, his team at NRG athletes, including Ryan Singh, here in the gallery today. I ask all my colleagues to join me in thanking them for their service.”